Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sometimes walking is faster

Not owning a car has its trying days. Like Thursday, when the public transportation gods were not in our favor.

We left the apartment and waited 20 min in 103°. Not only was the bus late, the next bus caught up to us and the driver made us transfer buses so she could drive the rest of her route "out of service" to get back on schedule. Our 30 minute bus ride turned into a frustrating hour and a half waiting game, half of it outdoors. We were meeting up with some of my family for dinner. Luckily the rest of the family was gracious enough to be happy to see us, versus mentioning we were half an hour late.

I normally stay home with the girls but there are times I want to go out and the destination, for me, is just out of biking distance but so cumbersome by bus. A beautiful park that is 6 miles away is almost too far. It's a straight shot by bike, but takes 45 minutes by bus because the bus system travels in a V. I have to head into downtown then board the westbound bus, which stops a couple blocks away. If my battery dies before we make it home, it's easier to get out and walk than to finish out the ride.I once made McKayla get out of the wagon and walk along side me while I towed Taylor the last two blocks to our apartment. She beat me.