Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's been a long while

After a long hiatus I am returning back to this blog. Several new changes. After not having a car for four years, we finally purchased a used station wagon last year. The reason, so my wife can run errands and business related trips between here and the rest of Texas. Of course I bought a three bike trunk rack for it soon after we got it. I still plan on being car lite, using public transit, walking and cycling for the majority of my trips. Might need to rename this blog at some point. In non-car news I just picked up a used Dahon Boardwalk from a local Craigslist ad. I'm quite enamored with it. I have been wanting a folding bike for a while since there have been times when both of the front bus racks are full. No full sized bikes are allowed on the bus. Folding bikes are the exception. So I'll see how this works out.
The new arrival.