Friday, June 18, 2010

The past 7 months . . .

I almost forgot about this blog. Well since it's been seven months since my most recent (and very first) post, I figure some updates are long overdue. First I still do not own a car. Instead I have purchased two electric bicycles off craigslist. More about those later. Second, after a long discussion with the misses, we decided it was best to move out of the suburbs and closer to our places of work and our daughter's school. So we ended up settling just outside downtown San Antonio. We use the local public transit system to do most of our traveling. We're still working on balancing time and number of errands we can do a day in this fashion. I do miss the get up and go whenever convenience that a car allows, but I think I'll manage. So far i have been carless for about 9 months and counting.

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