Monday, July 4, 2011

The 2nd E-bike part 1

After about three months commuting from work by e-bike, I figured my wife Jennifer should have a chance to get around in case she had cabin fever. While doing some holiday shopping at a local WalMart, I dropped by the bicycle section and low and behold they had three electric bicycles. They were Ezip Trailz made by Currie Technologies, the same guys who built the motorization kit on my Schwinn. So $450 later, I had a second e-bike, helmet and a bicycling partner to boot!

It did not go so well at first. She loved the motor, because she didn't feel physically fit enough to bike normally. When she tried it out for the first time she heard a buzzing sound. I thought it was the motor so I dismissed it. I discovered it was the rear tire rubbing against the rear mounted battery pack. The battery rack was bent and no matter how much I tried to bend it back, it would not stay.

Sadly, we had to return it. Since it was around Christmas 2009, the other bikes were gone. We did buy a child trailer for me to carry our two children, 2 and 4, as well as a rear child seat.

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