Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Motorless For a While

Sunday night biking home I heard a metallic clang behind me. I stopped to see if I had run over something that would cause a flat tire. Surprisingly, I found that a part had fallen off my bike.

Now the way my e-bike works is that an add-on motor kit attaches to the spokes of the rear wheel to power it. It uses three clamps that are bolted to an adapter that then connects to the motor. What fell off was one of those clamps. Even more disturbing was that two clamps were already missing. Only the clamp used for the adapter itself was keeping everything in place.

I had eventually planned to remove the motor once I felt comfortable pedaling on my own. Seems that time has arrived sooner than I imagined.

Once I safely got home, I took off the battery pack and shudder a bit as I loosened the only clamp remaining only to watch the motor fall off. There is an online retailer that fortunately sells replacements parts for my 12 year old bike. Just have to wait a few days for my next paycheck to order what I need. Until then I AM the motor. I think I am up for the challenge.

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