Monday, July 11, 2011

Bad Experience Leads to New Commute

This past Saturday seemed like any other day. Got ready for work, biked to the bus stop. Loaded my bike on the bus rack and got on. About halfway to work the bus driver stopped the bus. He told me I had to take my bike off the bus and get off, that it was too heavy for the rack. I have been biking and busing around SA for about two years and this was the first time I had ever heard of weight restrictions on bicycles.

Now my e-bike is no lightweight but it weights in at 50lbs. The racks on Via buses are designed to hold two 55lb bikes while in motion. Rather than argue with the driver, I simply got off and caught the next bus going my way 10 minutes later. Needless to say I was frustrated, Fortunately I had left for work early so I still got there on time.

All that day at work I thought of what I needed to do to bike to work as well as home. I believe have grown too comfortable with my current arrangement. I can deal with the south Texas heat, I just need to overcome my dread of daytime traffic. I see cyclists on the road all the time around here, maybe it's time to start joining them.

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